About me




I love video games and I enjoy creating them.


I was born in Spain in 1991, in my house there already was a computer before I came to the world. I started experimenting very soon with the computer and with the few capabilites it had then.
The passion for the world of video games started a long time ago, when I was a preteen.

I discovered my calling when I was only 12 years old and came across Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield (Unreal Engine 2) map editor.
Then I continued with the editors of Counter Strike, and I did not stop until I discovered Unity. And I'm still there today.

I am a 3D artist mainly, but I have a good manage of other disciplines in video game development.

I am self-taught and I also learned at University.
I usually work with:
-Substance Painter 
But I also use:
-Unreal engine 4
-Source engine
My abilities:
-Level design
-Unity 5 scripting
-PBR materials

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